Tours in San Ignacio

ATM Cave Tour

atm cave belize

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, internationally known as the Belize ATM Cave tour are highlighted by its distinct features such as exploring both Flora and Fauna. In addition, the formations and Mayan sacrifice remains that shows it's uniqueness separtes itself from other cave systems aroudn the world.

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Mayan Ruins Tours

belize mayan ruins

With over 10 Mayan sites within Belize, Edwin's Belize Adventure Tours explore the most historical events. Visiting the major Mayan temples such as Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Caracol, and Tikal in Guatemala. With each designed with their own imperfect precisions they are historically linked within the Mayan world.

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Cave Tubing with Zipline

belize cave tubing

Cave Tubing in Belize is design for those seeking adventure with a splash of fun and relaxation. Our water cave system are perfectly matched by nature in a diversified Tropical Rainforest. Allowing visitors to explore nature and history in one go. You're more than welcome also to accept some adrenaline and sore the jungle canopy of Belize with a Zipline tour.

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Barton Creek Cave Tour

barton creek cave belize

Your day starts with a drive of adventure, then sightseeing the golden days of life as you make your way through the Mennonite community. Then, you're at the cave where you'll depart on an exploration a mile deep into the Mayan underworld. Expericing this and more all in a day of adventure in Belize.

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River Canoeing or Kayaking

belize river canoeing and kayaking

Experiece a guided Kayaking excursion on the Mopan river. On this tour our guest will experience the wildlife of Belize as well as some exciting adrenaline with rapids along the way. Our guest will be provided with all necessary equipment to make their tour a extavagant Belize experience in San Ignacio.

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Belize Shuttle with Tours

belize shuttle and tours

Book your Belize Shuttle with us and choose one or more of or add-on services. Our add-on services are tours that can be combine with your shuttle enroute to your destination. Some of the most popular are Belize Shuttle with Zoo, Belize Shuttle with Cave Tubing, Belize Shuttle with Xunantunich, or your customize choice (where applicable).

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Mountain Pine Ridge

mountain pine ridge belize

To many this tour may be seen as underrated. However, travellers who's interest lies with nature, sightseeing, Birding, and relaxation would be overwhelmed on a Mountain Pine Ridge Tour. Apaprt form the vast nature, you'll visit placed like Rio On Pool, Big Rock Falls, and Rio Frio Cave to name the possibilities.

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Overnight Tikal Tour

tikal from belize

An Overnight Tikal Tour includes accommodation, lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Those are apart from the Full Day Tour, Sunset Tour, and Sunrise Tour that are included as well. The tour departs San Ignacio, Belize at 7:30 am and return untill the next day at 10:00 am from Tikal. With Tikal size a day tour may never be enough to explore its magnificence.

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Lamanai Belize Tour

lamanai belize tour

A Lamanai Tour with Edwin's Belize Adventure Tours set out at 7:00 am from your hotel in San Ignacio and returns around 5:30 PM. The tour includes round trip transportation, guide, entrance fee, lunch, and a boat ride. The sightseeing takes approximately 3 hours. This tour cannot be combined with other adventure due to time duration.

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Altun Ha Ruins

altun ha belize ruins

The Altun Ha Mayan ruin tour starts from San Ignacio town. The tour starts as early at 8:00 am and returns around 3:00 pm. The tour kicks off with a 2 hour drive, followed by a 3 hour educational sightseeing tour, lunch and a return to guest accommodation in San Ignacio. This tour can be combined with Cave Tubing or the Belize Zoo, as well as an Airport Shuttle.

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