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The trip includes an adventurous drive through a picturesque Mennonite farming community. These prosperous people live without electricity, cars or television, much like people lived in the 1800’s.

Upon arrival at this National Park you will paddle nearly a mile deep inside Barton Creek Cave. Your 1,000,000 candlepower spotlight will illuminate the amazing formations inside the huge cave believed by the Maya to be the Underworld, "Xibalba", the Kingdom of their Gods. While quietly floating under stalactites you will see see ancient skeletons and pottery and marvel at the 5 million year old crystalline structures over 50 feet in length. During the trip your guide will teach you about the Maya's beliefs about the underworld.

After the tour you will have the option of swimming in cave-fed pool at the cave’s entrance. You can climb the vines and jump from the rocks as well.

Barton Creek Mennonite Horse & Buggy Crossing Barton Creek on the way to the cave. Climbing the vines outside Barton Creek Cave.

“Having worked in Belize for a nonprofit organization that brought in countless volunteers from abroad, I can personally attest to how outstanding Edwin is as a tour guide and historian. He is professional, reliable, and extremely personable. After experiencing the work of other tour companies firsthand, I can honestly say that Edwin is the best tour guide that Belize has to offer! He values safety very highly and if the weather is not suitable for the planned trip, he will be honest with you and offer other alternatives that are safer on that day. He is trustworthy, on time, and engaging; you can't do any better than this!”

                                    Erika R

Barton Creek Cave

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