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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are permitted to travel or enter Belize?

  2. belize covid-19 entry requirement matrix

  3. The Belize Health App is Mandatory, where can I find it?

  4. Yes, the Belize Health App is mandatory for entry to Belize. Travelers may download the app via APK file for Android (version 1.09 or newer) and in the App Store. The App can also be downloaded via our links bellow for your device system. Simply Click on the picture.

    Note that the App can be downloaded at any given time prior to you vacation. However, your information should not be entered within 72 hours prior to your arrival in Belize. Upon completion of setting up the App with your info, you’ll receive a unique travel ID and QR code. Please take a screenshot of this to have readily available for the Health Officer at the Belize Airport.

  5. Not travelling with a smartphone/not travelling with a phone – but need the Belize Health App?

  6. You don’t need to own or travel with a smartphone or any phone at all, the App can also be downloaded to any other android or apple device such as a tablet. Once downloaded, on your tablet or alternative device, enter your personal information no more than 72 hours prior to boarding your flight to Belize. Please note that you MUST have the device with you when you arrive in Belize.

  7. List of all countries approved for entrance to Belize.

  8. Belize, like many other countries, currently have no sort of travel bans in place. Our visitors are encouraged to visit this page or regularly for Belize COVID-19 updates, for the circumstances remains fluid.

  9. What specific measures are being taken your company to protect guests from contracting the Covid-19 virus?

  10. Edwin’s Belize Adventure Tours is a part of the phased reopening of Belize tourism. Allowing our company and Belize to re-open responsibly. Giving us the opportunity to adjust as needs arises, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of guest and Belizeans. Our main concern is to ascertain our customers and residents that Edwin’s Belize Adventure Tours product/service is clean, safe, and still affordable like never before. There are a list of new and enhanced health and safety measures which are set in place to protect you our visitors, our fellow Belizeans, and the communities at large. These includes: 1. Mandatory use of facemasks in public spaces. 2. Enforcement of social distancing measures (6 ft. apart) in public spaces such as restaurants, bars, grocery stores, retail stores, etc. 3. Introduction of a “Tourism Gold Standard Recognition Program” for hotels, restaurants and tour operators. A 9-point program which seeks to enhance the tourism industry’s health and safety standards. These standards requires us to adapt new behaviours and procedures to ensure both employees and travellers are confident in the cleanliness and safety of Belize’s tourism products and services. Some of these new measures for tour operators are as follows: Tours, Archaeological Sites & National Parks • New capacity restrictions for all tourism sites to ensure social distancing can be maintained. • Smaller tour groups to provide a more intimate tour experience. • Sites and Parks manages tours by appointment to limit the number of persons on site. • Enhanced sanitization of tour equipment. We are a Gold Standard Certified Tour Operators. Certified tour operators like us can be easily identified by looking for the Gold Standard Safety seal.

  11. Are all hotels open for travel, since travel resumes?

  12. The short answer is No. Hotels and resorts, just like us, has to meet certain criteria within the “Safe Corridor’ and get Gold Standard Approved by the Belize Tourism Board and received their medal. The safe corridor aims to limit interactions between visitors and the local community thereby reducing the spread of Covid-19. A list of the approved Gold Standard hotels approved for reopening within the Safe Corridor can be found on the Belize Tourism Board website at

  13. Without a PCR test upon arrival, will testing be done when I arrive to Belize? If yes, What’s the cost?

  14. The short answer is, YES! However, we recommend that you bring along your PCR test taken within 72 hours of your arrival in Belize. The result must be negative. With a negative PCR test done, you’ll be fast tracked on your arrival process; depending on your health screening on arrival, you may or may not be randomly chosen for secondary testing. Please note it’s nothing personal. Visitors that arrive without a negative PCR test will be required to take a test upon arrival; which bears a cost of US$50.00, the process takes approximately 25 – 30 minutes to get the results. Since tourists are required to stay at a Gold Standard hotel, you won’t be needing to wait for your result. The results will be provided to guest upon their arrival at their hotel. However, if your test comes out positive, you will be required to submit to a mandatory 14 days quarantine at your hotel at your own expense.

  15. If I test positive at the airport, will I be able to get a flight back out of Belize without having to be placed in quarantine?

  16. No. Any visitor who tests positive at the Belize International Airport will immediately be placed on a mandatory quarantine for 14 days at minimum. This as well will be at your own expense. Hence the reason we encourage travellers to acquire travel insurance prior to your Belize trip.

  17. Are there an age limit requirement for presenting a negative PCR test upon arrival?

  18. Yes. Currently anyone aged 5 years and older will need to present a PCR test upon arrival in Belize. As the situation remains fluid, procedures are subject to change.

  19. Traveling with a large group to Belize? Need to utilize a charter services to transport your group to our hotel?

  20. You can book your group transportation with us here at Edwin’s Belize Adventure Tours. As a Gold Standard operator, we are authorized and an approved transportation provider. We are allowed to enter the airport to retrieve any number of guests arriving in Belize.

  21. Do you own a vacation home in Belize? These are the protocols in Phase 3 which you must abide by.

  22. Yes. All second home owners (Foreign) will be permitted to return to the country during the Phase 3 reopening. You will need to do the following: • Visit and apply to visit during this Phase 3 opening. You’ll need to provide proof of home ownership or a letter from your management company (if it’s a condo), stating that you are indeed the owner. • Within 72 hours before arriving to Belize: o Install the Belize Health App on your device and fill in all required information. o Conduct a PCR test, once you have a negative result you will experience a faster arrival process. From your health screening which is mandatory, there’s a possibility you may be randomly selected for a second test. In addition, if you’re not able to acquire a PCR test before arrival, you will be required to take a test at the Belize airport, which will cost $50.00 USD per person. Once you’re tested negative, you may proceed to your home, but you will be required to self-quarantine for a minimum of 10 days, as the virus does have an incubation period of 14 days. At the end of your 10 days quarantine, and you’re free of any symptoms, health officials will clear you to move as you please within the community. On the other hand, if you test positive upon arrival, you’ll be placed on mandatory quarantine for 14 days at your own expense.

  23. Business/Investment travel to Belize. What are the specific requirements that I should know about?

  24. Within Phase 3, travelling for business will be permitted, however, each person must first submit an application via Business/Investment travellers will need to show proof of their business or investments in Belize. You will also need to provide a detailed itinerary for your stay (who you’ll meet where and when, etc.) All this must be done in the application process. In addition, you must: • Install the Belize Health App and fill the required data within 72 hours of your flight to Belize. • Your hotel booked must be at a Gold Standard hotel/resort or own property with proof of ownership, and • Present a negative PCR test which much be taken within 72 hours of your Belize flight. The test is MANDATORY for all travel, including business/investments. Bring along a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of your flight to Belize. This is mandatory for business travellers. Contingent on your health screening results upon arrival, you may be randomly selected for a second tests.

  25. How do guest get from the Belize international airport to their hotel; are there certified shuttle/transfer providers?

  26. The short answer to that is, Yes. Approved Gold Standard tour operator like us offer airport pickup services. Gold Standard Hotel/Resort may offer this service as well. We can safely get you to your hotel in Belize.

  27. What does the Immigration and Customs process require upon arrival in Belize?

  28. Firstly, they have adapted health and safety measures to protect visitors and the officers. To mention a few, there are protective barriers to reduce contact between passengers and officers, kiosks for passport scanning upon entry, scanning baggage for Customs Hall, and a safety barrier for inspection of luggage is required.

  29. How long would it take getting through arrivals?

  30. With a negative PCR COVID-19 test presented upon arrival, you immediately advance to the ‘fast track’ arrivals processing. Despite all this time may still varies depending on the outcome of your health screening and test results on arrival.

  31. Will I be allowed entry into Belize if the hotel/resort I booked isn’t a Gold Standard Hotel, would I still be able to travel to Belize? If yes, will it be mandatory to go into quarantine?

  32. Simply put, No. However, during this initial phase of reopening visitors are only allowed to BOOK and stay at a Gold Standard approved hotel. These hotels meet the criteria’s within the Tourism Safe Corridor and are permitted to accept tourist. Please visit for the list of approved accommodation in Belize.

  33. Are tourists required to wear a mask; if yes, where?

  34. Short answer, Yes. By law, Belize require all citizens and visitors (tourist) to the country to mandatorily wear a face mask when in public spaces.

  35. Is there a curfew?

  36. No, there’s no curfew in effect.

  37. Will tourist be able to discover Belize on my own, during this chapter of reopening?

  38. No. For this first phase of Belize reopening, tourist will only be allowed to visit sites on tours with a Gold Standard Tour Operator. Site and Parks will be closed to individual tourist.

  39. Which tourism sites are opened, and how may I book a tour?

  40. You’re at the right place. Feel free to send us an email to speak with us and we’d be more than happy to advise you and book your tours. Remember that all tours and visits to tourism sites and national parks must be conducted with an approved tour operator like us.

  41. What should I do if I start to exhibit symptoms during my vacation?

  42. Any guest whom start to exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms should instantly notify your hotel’s front desk, tour guide, or tour operator, and they shall implement a COVID response plan. Once you develop symptoms while in Belize and test positive, you will be mandated to isolate for a minimum of 14 days at your own expenditure. We highly recommend that you obtain travel insurance before departing to Belize in the event you may experience any sort of sickness while on vacation.

  43. If there’s a positive COVID-19 case at the accommodation I’m staying, will all be required to quarantine for 14 days?

  44. There’s not a yes or no answer to this question. It will be very dependent on the Ministry of Health’s contact tracing exercise. The hotel or tour operator shall activate its communication plan to advise of any necessary steps to be taken.

  45. Will visitors be allowed to go out to shop while in Belize?

  46. Visitor will only be allowed to shop on their hotel property, or at site gift shops while on approved tours. Gold Standard accommodation are encouraged to arrange visits from local artisans so that visitors, their guests, may access souvenir.

  47. Do I need to stay at my hotel the entire time, or can I visit my Belizean friends?

  48. Phase 3 of Belize reopening allows for leisure travel to Belize, but tourists must stay on the hotel grounds. Guest are only allowed off the property if you are on a tour with an approved tour operator for an approved tour, or being transferred to another Gold Standard accommodation, or restaurant. If your hotels allow for both international and local tourism, your Belizean friend may be able to visit by booking at the same hotel, but must practice social distancing.

  49. How long will these procedures (testing, social distancing, restricted movement, etc.) be in effect?

  50. The situation is very fluid, and it’s up to The Government of Belize and the Ministry of Health officials as they continue to monitor the situation. It’s unpredictable at this time. However, please remember that the protocols are in place to protect you our visitors to have a healthy and safe vacation. Any adjustment or changes will be shared via our website here.

  51. If we are delayed, can we book a room in Belize City for our layover, before heading to our final destination in-country?

  52. Yes, you may. You can surely book and stay a night in Belize City for your layover. This can be at arrival, departure, or both. But it must be at a Gold Standard Hotel and arrangement shall be made with an approved tour operator like us to provide transportation between hotels and airport.

  53. If we are visiting Belize for a long stay (6+ months) will we still be needing to download the Belize Health App?

  54. Yes, of course. Every person entering Belize whether resident or non-residents are required to install the Belize Health App and provide the necessary information. Despite the length of your visit.

  55. Can a digital (e-copy) of tourist negative PCR COVID-19 test be accepted?

  56. It’s not important the format of which the result is in, as long as it is an official email or correspondence from the facility where your PCR test was conducted. Once that proof is met, your negative result will be accepted.

  57. Are condo owners for approved resorts within Phase 3 be subject to the same protocols as a tourist, e.g. can’t leave property, no visitation from friends, etc.?

  58. No. Owners of condos at approved Gold Standard resorts will not be required to abide by the same protocols placed on tourists. Refer to matrix above for extended stay non-nationals.

  59. If numerous people on the same flight tests positive, what happens to the other travellers who were also on that aircraft?

  60. If numerous travellers test positive for COVID-19 from the same flight, the Health Ministry will activate its contact tracing exercise. For this reason, downloading the Belize Health App is a mandatory entry requirement for Belize.

  61. Can visitors travel between multiple Gold Standard Resorts during their visit to Belize?

  62. Yes. Visitors may spend time at more than one different approved Gold Standard resort/hotels during their Belize vacation. However, the transfer to each resort/hotel must be arranged by the hotel/resort and serviced by a Gold Standard approved tour operator like us.

  63. If a passenger arrives with a negative test but exhibits some mild symptoms like a cough or sneezing, will they be permitted through, retested at the airport or sent to quarantine?

  64. All travellers arriving at the international airport will undergo a health screening. If a traveller reaches with a negative COVID PCR test but displays symptoms of the virus, health officials will do a secondary health screening (which may require testing at the passengers’ expense) prior to authorization for Immigration & Customs processing.

  65. Will travellers need to be tested when they are departing the country?

  66. No. Travelers are only required to be tested upon arrival to Belize.

  67. What accommodations are available for passengers waiting to be tested?

  68. A testing area has been setup by the Ministry of Health at the Belize international airport, just outside Terminal 2. Accommodating 8 travellers at a time for testing, and a plus is, the area is air-conditioned with a restroom facility.

  69. Where can passengers get a COVID-19 PCR test?

  70. Tourist planning on travelling to Belize would need to contact their local health authorities to find a nearby COVID testing facility, also the approximate timeframe for receiving results.

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**Notice: Android users must make sure they are downloading and installing the most current version of the Belize Travel Health App (Version 1.09 or newer), this will avoid any technical issues.

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