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Visit Rio On Polls & Rio Frio Cave

Rio On Pools Mountain Pine Ridge

Rio On Pools is a ¼ mile long granite rock formation over which flows clear, mountain water. There are numerous waterfalls, large and small, natural slides and beautiful swimming holes. You can sunbathe like a Belizean Iguana, climb rock formations, swim or all of the above!

Rio Frio Cave Mountain Pine Ridge

Rio Frio Cave features two 65 foot, arched entryways that provide enough natural light to explore this amazing cave without flashlights. A stream flows through the cave and forms picturesque pools ideal for swimming. There is even a sandy beach inside the cave! A cave beach!

Big Rock Falls in Mountain Pine Ridge

Big Rock Falls Mountain Pine Ridge

Big Rock Falls is a 100 foot waterfall that flows into a series of clear, cascading pools. While here you can normally climb all over the falls and jump from heights of 10 feet up to almost 50 feet! For the less adventurous the swimming is excellent and there are plenty of places to hike or sunbathe. This site may provide you with some of the very best pictures of your entire trip!

Apart from these wonderful spots of visitation, you'll enhance your chances of seeing many native wildlife of Belize. Such woudl be Birds, Racoons, our National Bird (Toucan), Wild Rabits, and many other exotic animals. If you spot something feel free to point it out and we'll surely stop to capture the memories.

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