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While advance booking may not be required for some times of the year it is always a good idea. Letting us know what you want to do when you want to do it ahead of time will help make sure we can accommodate your exact wishes.

Since our pricing will vary depending on a number of factors including dates, trip and number in party it is best that we communicate beforehand to identify your requirements and determine the cost. You can get in touch with us through the telephone or email listed below. After we do that you can return here and to pay a small deposit and secure your trip.

Cancellation Policy

Edwin's Cancellation Policy

When booking tours with Edwin's Belize Adventures you are asked to pay a down payment to guarantee your reservation. This will be refunded to you if you decide to cancel the tour 3 days before the tour date.

Any cancellation done less than 3 days before the tour date will forfeit the deposit. If the tour cannot go out because of excessive rain or any other reason the full deposit will be refunded to you. The balance can be paid in cash or by credit card on the day of the tour.

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