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Paddling the rivers near San Ignacio is a great way to see some of the pristine jungles and waterways of western Belize. Along the way you will see beautiful rock formations and cliffs, remote river beaches, local children frolicking in the water, iguanas sunning themselves on the banks and in the trees and the bird watching is excellent.  

You do not need to be an experienced paddler in order to enjoy a few hours on the river. An experienced river guide will accompany you to show you some great swimming spots and even some places to jump from the rocks. So put on your swimsuit, a cooler full of ice cold refreshment, some sandwiches and get on the water! You will be glad you did.



Canoeing the rivers near

San Ignacio

River Canoeing in Belize Canoieing near San Ignacio Paddling the river is a great way to see wildlife

There are two rivers, the Macal and the Mopan, that come from the west of San Ignacio. Just east of town they combine to form the Belize River.  These two waterways offer different canoeing experiences. The Macal River tends to be more flat, calm and easy going. The Mopan river has plenty of easy stretches on it but also provides some more challenging areas that may be better left to more experienced paddlers. Canoeing either one is an excellent way to spend the day.

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